ACCAS 2019 Survival Information

How to get to the Venue?

Venue is Hongo Campus of The University of Tokyo (東京大学 本郷地区キャンパス)
Univ of Tokyo has several campuses in Tokyo. Be sure, it’s in Hongo.

From Haneda & Narita airports:

By train or limousine bus:
See access map to the Univ of Tokyo for the nearest stations.
There are four Tokyo Metro stations; Hongo 3 chome (M21), Nezu (C14), Todai-mae (N12), and Yushima (C13). JR station Ueno is also in a walking distance. (M21 etc are the Line-Station identifiers)
Metro tickets for travelers are explained here.

By taxi:
Get off at “Main Gate, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo”
or show the following text to the driver: 「東京大学 本郷地区 正門前までお願いします」

  • From Narita airport taxi costs $$$!
  • Uber is not common in Japan.

Where in the Univ of Tokyo? It’s very big!

ACCAS is held at Faculty of Engineering.
See Hongo campus map or custom Google Map.

Where is the reception?

  • Nov 23, 24: Exhibition Hall (1F), Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 2(工学部2号館 展示室)
  • Nov. 25: Fukutake Hall (B2). (福武ホール B2)

To find the rooms, magnify the google map.

Where is ACCAS board meeting?

  • At room 31B (2F), Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 2 at 11:50-12:50 Nov. 24 (sun)
  • Invitation essential.

Cloak available?

Cloak is at the reception. It’s unattended at night. Please do not leave items overnight.

Lunch places?

Inside campus, see this brochure.
Outside campus, see suggestion of tripadviser.

Where can I smoke?

Sorry, the University of Tokyo is a smoke-free campus.

How to survive in case of an earthquake?

Follow staff instruction to evacuate.

Japanese for survival?

  • Where can I charge smartphone? >>
    Doko de smartphone juuden dekimasuka? どこでスマートフォン充電できますか
  • Thank you >> arigatou ありがとう